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  • “I had been a rather dedicated gym rat for a long time and found myself not getting the results I wanted and boredom was setting in. What I needed was a shot in the arm and something new to, not only motivate me, but help me achieve the results I was looking for. I started personal training with Tara about two years ago and it has been the best thing I have ever done for myself regarding my personal fitness. She comes with a very impressive educational background, is extremely professional and is dedicated to her work. Tara performs an assessment and discusses with her clients their personal goals and then customizes each persons training according to their needs. I would highly recommend training with Tara, especially if you find yourself not quite reaching you potential. You will find yourself achieving fitness levels you never thought you could and enjoying the journey as you progress.”
    - Cydnee D.

  • “What’s cool about the Fit Stop for your physical therapy is the access a patient has to use their great exercise facility. While you are a patient there you can use the facility for free. And after your therapy is over you can join the facility at a discount and continue to exercise. We are fortunate to have the Fit Stop in Heber.“
    - Brandon S.

  • "When I first got back into a serious workout routine, I developed ‘tennis elbow’ from repetitive curls. Ice and special stretches designed by my trainer helped, but I couldn’t make it go away until Kellie Martinez (LMT) spent a few minutes of deep tissue massage to force excess fluid from the inflamed tendons. I haven’t had a bit of trouble since"
    - Bob B.

  • "I make sports massage Andy Vanderweghe (LMT) a part of my fitness program. The Fit Stop is a hidden gem for massage therapy"
    - Jim C.

  • "Myofascial Release sounded like new-age mysticism until Kellie talked me into trying it. I’ve had lingering numbness in my left leg and pain in my back since my back surgery 10 years ago. Myofascial therapy gives me weeks of relief with each session"
    - Tyler F.

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