• Quickly and safely achieve your fitness goals under the direct supervision of a qualified fitness professional with the Fit Stop Health Club personal training programs. Train with some of Utah’s finest degreed and nationally certified professionals to fine-tune your fitness regimen.

    Our personal trainers will help you decrease body fat; improve strength and increase coordination, flexibility and muscular balance. You'll learn the correct way to use equipment and the appropriate form and technique necessary to maximize your results.

    Did you know that IDEA, the International Health & Fitness organization released a statistic that found 75% of people who exercise are not getting the results they want? But out of the 25% of people who are getting results, 90% of them are working with a Private Trainer!

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    Our purpose is to help our clients adopt a more healthy and fit lifestyle.


    As Personal Trainers we must be able to provide our clients with the knowledge, skills, guidance, support, motivation and educational resources that will allow them to explore their own fitness potential, as well as enhance the quality of their lives now and ongoing. It is our priority to be able to offer safe, fun and effective exercise design that offers variety and meets the specific needs of our clients.



    Skyler Wolthoff

    Skyler has a B.S. in Exercise Science. He's been involved in the gym industry for 8 years. He participated in many high school sports and currently helps coach the rugby team at Wasatch High. Skyler also played rugby for Utah State for four years. He has experience working with many different athletes of different sports and has been involved with multiple speed and agility programs. He also has experience training people at different fitness levels and all age groups. Skyler can you help you push your work outs to the next level and help you attain your fitness goals.

  • Joanne Davis

    I believe that with the proper educational tools, a healthy well balanced nutrition plan, a consistent exercise program and dedication, anyone can achieve the goals that they set for themselves as long as they are attainable and realistic.

    My desire for a client base is one that encompasses young, elderly, and everyone in between. My passion is to educate you nutritionally, and physically in order to get you in the best shape of your life. Whether it is injury related and you need to improve functional ability, you want to feel better, look better, or at competition levels, I have designed programs, and the support to get you there.


    • National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer
    • Certified in Sliver Sneakers Training
    • Years of experience as a physical therapy aide

    Currently working on Certifications in:

    • National Academy of Sports Medicine Fitness Nutrition Specialist
    • National Academy of Sports Medicine Senior Fitness Specialist


    Personal Trainer

    There is no condition, ailment, issue, either mental or physical, that cannot be improved upon by a proper fitness and nutrition program.

    I have a varied clientele ranging from 30 something moms who want to lose weight and improve athletic performance to 86 year old great grandmothers who want to keep active and improve functional ability. Helping people feel and move better is my goal and I have a program for everyone that is safe and effective.


    • National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer
    • National Academy of Sports Medicine Fitness Nutrition Specialist
    • Completed course work in Senior Fitness, and Weight Management
    • Over ten years experience as a personal trainer
    • Over three years experience as a physical therapy aide.

  • Juan Morales

    Creo fuertemente que, no existen pócimas mágicas, ni atajos, ni secretos escondidos pero una mente enfocada, plena, consiente y la conexión correcta entre espíritu, alma y cuerpo seguramente te llevara a lograr tus metas físicas, y cualquier otra meta en la vida.. (I strongly believe that there are no magic potions, no shortcuts, no hidden secrets., but a focused mind , full, conscious and correct connection between spirit , soul and body will surely take you to achieve your physical goals , and any other goal in life ..)

    Como entrenador físico, estoy cometido a ver vidas cambiar y ayudar mediante positivos y disfrutables entrenamientos Cualquiera de cualquier edad, que se sienta listo para emprender este camino al éxito. debería empezar hoy mismo asegurando una presente y futura vida feliz.. (As a fitness trainer, I am committed to seeing lives change and help through positive and enjoyable training anyone of any age, that feels ready to take this path to success should start today ensuring present and future happy life ..)


    Keeping yourself healthy and fit is a life time life style not a seasonal one. Everybody should be allowed to feel good about themselves. It doesn't matter how old you are it’s never too late to start feeling a little fitter, stronger and happier. That's my goal as a trainer to help you transform inside and out.

    I love to work with people that struggle with weight loss, poor self-image and commitment to making changes within themselves. My aim is to educate them and to show them a new way of living. This will then enable them to enjoy life as it was meant to be lived.


    • Dot Fit Personal Training
    • Currently working on NASM certification
    • Body Training Systems in Group Power/ Group Fight
    • AFAA Primary Group Exercise
    • Training in Muay thai and other martial arts.

  • Misti Ocana

    Personal Trainer

    I believe that everyone can SEE results with the right motivation and with the right mindset. Staying focused in al aspects of life is key to a well balanced life.

    I strive to work with people that want a change to their life. Change takes time and I will be there with you for the duration. I want to help you attain a healthy lifestyle. I love to see and hear your success stories.


    • NASM Certified personal trainer
    • Pound Pro
    • Group X Instructor

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